How can something as simple as a leash get so complicated?

Taking a stroll down the leash aisle at the pet store can be downright intimidating-retractable, loops, hoops, lengths, materials and of course colours.

What is the purpose of all these specialty items and where do we start?
First by walking past the retractable leashes. These are not safe-for you or your dog. Something as simple as someone backing out of their driveway could become a disaster.

While there doesn’t seem to be an official name-these type of leashes are popping up. I love them! Two clasps on either end and multiple loops allow for different lengths of leash, and easy tie out ability.

This leash goes by a couple names. One piece of leash that slides up and down. I do not recommend this to the general public. The “collar” portion operates in the same fashion as a choke chain. They should only be used in emergency situations, and with great care.

A good ol’ fashion 6 ft’ leash! This folks is all you need for your everyday strolls or adventures with Fido!