Before we can start defining the scientific terms, compare the differences between training styles or even provide ideas; we need to start from the beginning.

What is Training?

The traditional response is: to achieve a desired change in the dogs behavior.

Our definition differs in that behaviour change (good or bad) can occur without your dog learning what is expected.

Instead we define training as: the practice of teaching learnt behaviors.

Emphasis on the word teaching. The science of Behavior Analysis has confirmed a neurological basis to effectively teach all organisms. By combining two “ingredients”, trainers can teach a dog the same way as a goldfish or horse. Zoo’s are even using the science teaching hyenas too cooperate during veterinarian procedures. Crocodiles to move from one enclosure to another, and Rhinos “smiling” to get their teeth brushed;
all taught with science!

We’ll dig a little deeper with each new post, but Step One is removing our “Master” and “Animal” hats and replacing them with “Teacher” and “Learner” titles.

The smallest changes in our mindset, can make big change in our animals ability to learn.